Meet Our Public Safety Officers: Dedicated to Keeping Our Campus and Students Safe

While we may immediately recognize the uniformed police around our campus, the public safety team deserves just as much recognition. These officers work around the clock to ensure that students, staff, and visitors have to safest and most positive experience possible while at Texas State University. So the next time you see one of the PSOs around, be sure to introduce yourself and let them know how appreciated they are!

Texas State University - San Marcos

John Gonzalez

Security Guard John Gonzalez stands outside the UPD station.

John is originally from Aurora, Illinois and has been at Texas State for over 2 years. His 20 years of experience working in security have given him a great deal of perspective on what matters in a workplace, and his favorite part about being a campus security guard is getting to work with the students and staff he sees each day. 

John is a huge sports fan and enjoys attending games in person, especially if the Bears are playing! You can also find him at Tejano events and festivals enjoying the music and food. His favorite local spot is McAdoo's in New Braunfels - he recommends the catfish. 

His advice for new students on campus is to look both ways before crossing the street, because those cars don't always stop for you! Give John a friendly 'hello' if you see him around!


Hector Conde

Security Guard Hector Conde stands on a football field.
Security Guard Hector Conde stands on a football field.

Hector Conde, originally from Chicago, Illinois, was a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker working in management and Engineering roles for over 40 years in the manufacture of Automotive, HVAC, Computers, and Consumer Electronics. He transitioned to a Public Safety Officer and has been at Texas State for four years.

His favorite part of working for Texas State University is that he can enjoy the diversity of our campus and gets to make connections with students and staff.

In his spare time, Hector enjoys cooking, taking care of his plants, completing DIY projects and rehabbing houses. 

When asked about his best advice for new students, he asserts they should learn how to cook. He says "it will bring you great memories with family and friends throughout your life."


Ramsey Ruvalcaba

Security Guard Ramsey Ruvalcaba
Security Guard Ramsey Ruvalcaba

Ramsey was born in Brownsville, Texas but has lived in Houston for most of his life. He was formerly a server and bartender at two restaurants in Houston before moving back to San Marcos, where he started his position as a security guard at Texas State. Ramsey has been at Texas State for five years and is expected to graduate this fall with a B.A. in Psychology. 

His favorite part about working for the University is learning from the people he works with, especially local law enforcement. He enjoys getting to assist the San Marcos Police Department through his position.

Some of his hobbies include reading comic books or Japanese manga, and watching Anime or Game of Thrones. He also likes to build gaming computers for himself or his brothers and friends. 

His advice to new students is stay away from the Square! Make sure to say hello if you see Ramsey around campus!


James "Rusty" Key

James is from Lockhart, Texas, and has worked in security and public service for thirty-five years! He has been with Texas State University for around 21 of those years, making him a long-standing member of the team. His favorite part about working at Texas State University is the opportunity he gets to work with so many great people.

James enjoys cards games, bird watching, watching old and new movies, growing exotic flowers, and spending time with his dog. His favorite restaurants in San Marcos are Texas Roadhouse and Harris Dining Hall. 

His advice for new students is to use Cats On The Go at night and to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to their safety. If you see James around, thank him for his many years of service at Texas State!


Ronald Harmon

Ronald is from California and has worked as a corrections officer at San Quentin and Folsom state prisons for 32 years, having retired in 2001. He enjoys working in a University setting for the change of pace and the beautiful greenspaces that Texas State has to offer. 

If you see him around campus, make sure to say hello!


Texas State University - Round Rock

David Michaud

Security guard David Michaud
Security Guard David Michaud

David is from Manchester, NH, and has worked in a variety of career paths. After finishing his service in the Army, he attended Hesser College and worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for 27 years, retiring in 2001. He continued his career working for two State of Texas agencies before being recruited as a University Police Officer at the Round Rock Campus. Retiring from patrol in 2017, David rejoined the Texas State team as a Public Safety Officer in 2019.

His favorite part of working for the university is being able to interact with college students and having the opportunity to encourage them in achieving their professional and academic goals. David's favorite local spot in Round Rock is the Cotton Patch. 

If you see David on campus, let him know that you appreciate him!