Facility Access

UPD’s Access Services unit is responsible for monitoring all buildings and managing all locks on campus.

For lockout assistance, contact Access Services at 512.245.7656.

You can also reach us at access-services@txstate.edu.

Using the Card Access Readers

an image of a texas state ID card

Texas State has a door access system based on student, faculty and staff ID cards (BobcatCards). Your ID card is your key.

Your card should look like the image on the right. Older-style ID cards do not work. If you have an old card, you can get a replacement from ID Services.

Is it locked?

If a solid green light is present, the door is unlocked and you do not need a card to open it.

If a solid red light is present, the door is locked and you do need a card to open it.

Unlocking a Door

  1. Hold the card flat against the reader with the black stripe towards it.
  2. If approved, there will be a quick green flash and a short, high-pitched tone. You will also hear the latch click into the unlocked position.
  3. You can now open the door within a short time-out period.
  4. If not approved, the light will stay red and there will be a longer tone. The latch will not click into a new position.

If you receive no response from the reader — no light change and no sound — your card is not functioning correctly and you should contact Access Services. 

Phone: 512.245.7656

Email: access-services@txstate.edu.