Office of the Chief

Matthew Carmichael

About Chief Matt

Chief Carmichael began his career in city policing in 1985 in the San Francisco Bay area and is now in his 37th year in law enforcement and continuing his career here at Texas State University where he is committed to enhancing safety and security at the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses. Chief Carmichael has served in many law enforcement special assignments and various leadership roles, including as a past police chief in the states of California and Oregon. Chief Carmichael is an avid community volunteer and a trained police chaplain.

Chief Matt's Community Outreach

Chief Matt believes that a major part of policing is knowing your community and the ways to best serve them. Starting Spring 2023 he has committed to plan events for students to interact with UPD and himself in a non-police way. Students can find out more or sign up for these events below.

Student Executive Assistants to the Chief of Police

  • Chief Carmichael employs several students who serve as liaisons to the great TXST student population. Their role is to support our campus community and create pathways to law enforcement services for our students who may not feel comfortable talking directly to an officer.

Natalie Coody is a junior majoring in criminal justice at Texas State University, and is working towards completing her Bachelor's degree. After graduation Natalie plans to continue her employment with the University Police Department by becoming a Police Officer. After gaining experience in the field of policing she eventually plans to apply to the Texas Game Warden academy to hopefully pursue a lifelong career as a Texas Game Warden. Natalie is involved in student organizations and currently serves as the Sergeant At Arms for the professional organization Lambda Alpha Epsilon which is Texas States Co-Ed criminal justice fraternity that serves students who are passionate or interested in law enforcement, law, forensics, social work, and criminology. Natalie is an avid volunteer and works to always find new ways to further serve her fellow students, and people of her community.

Natalie Coody