Safety Tips For Students

Partner with UPD & Stay Safe

The UPD team is honored to serve the Bobcat Community. We are here to provide support by fostering an environment of respect and inclusivity. With us as your partners in safety, students can take these five steps to stay safe. 

1. Keep Residence Hall Doors Locked at all Times

  • Even if you are gone for a short while, lock your door.

  • Keep windows and doors locked while you are sleeping.

  • Do not allow anyone without an access card to follow you into the residence hall.
  • Always carry your access card.
  • Do not prop open residence hall exit doors.

2.  Take Care of Your Valuables & Money

  • Never leave valuables and money in plain sight.

  • Record the serial numbers of your valuables.

  • If possible, leave valuables at home.

3. Stay Alert, Use Good Judgement, Trust Your Instincts & Be Prepared with TXST Safety Tools/Apps

4. Engage with UPD

5. Know Respect, Show Respect