Special Event Officer

Texas State University hosts events on campus every day. UPD assists in the operation of many of these events by staffing police officers at these events. These officers may assist guests, monitor crowds, direct traffic, or perform any variety of public safety duties at events.

Because of the number of events on campus and the large size of some of these events, the police department employs additional hourly employees, we call special events officers, to supplement our full-time police officers. Our special events officers are TCOLE licensed full-time peace officers at law enforcement agencies in the area who work with us on an as needed basis throughout the year. Without these officers, we would not be able to fully support our special events operations.

Become a UPD Special Event Officer

We are always looking for professional officers, deputies, troopers, etc. to join our team. Applicants must be licensed full-time peace officers and have completed any state-mandated training and weapons qualifications.

 Our selection process includes:

  • application review
  •  interview
  •  credential verification
  •  reference check 
  • criminal history check

Applicants selected to move forward can expect the process to take two to four weeks to complete.

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