University Police Officers Receive First Round Of Vaccines

By: Dey Romo Rossell, Public Information Officer

Texas State University police officers received their first vaccine dose Saturday, Jan. 9 at CommnuiCare Kyle. The university’s first responders are included in the early phases of groups receiving vaccinations in the country.

“We are grateful for a good partnership with Hays County Emergency Services that afforded UPD the opportunity to be part of their first responders vaccination rollout,” said Laurie Espinoza Clouse, Chief, UPD. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance, frontline essential workers in the early vaccination Phase 1-B includes law enforcement officers who are in direct contact with the civilian population.

“When the opportunity was offered for UPD to be vaccinated, I volunteered. We’re doing our part to mitigate the stop of the virus. We hope to set the example for others to follow,” said Capt. Patrick Cochran, Operations Captain.

The goal is to continue to work with community partners to provide vaccinations for the remaining personnel in the department.

UPD Team Vaccinated
Sgt. Sue Taylor; Officer Angela Buess; Carrie Solitto, Communications Supervisor; Cpl. Michael Rodriguez; and Jennifer Paterson, Dispatcher, received their vaccinations at CommuniCare in Kyle as part of the Hays County Emergency Services vaccination rollout. 
Captain Cochran administered Vaccine

Capt. Patrick Cochran Volunteers for the Vaccine

Manuel “Manny” Alamarez, CommuniCare Kyle Medical Assistant administers the COVID-19 vaccine to UPD Capt. Patrick Cochran, Operations.

Investigator Guerin Vaccinated

Hays County Emergency Services Vaccine Rollout

Noel Guerin, UPD Investigator, is among the first round of volunteers from the team to receive his COVID-19 vaccine at CommuniCare Kyle on Saturday, Jan. 9.